A basic guide to choosing the right wine glass

A basic guide to choosing the right wine glass

The glass you drink from can greatly influence the way your favourite red, white, or sparkling wine tastes. Choosing the right wine glass can make a fun and delicious activity even more enjoyable. To learn more about how to pick the perfect glass, check out the helpful guide below.

Red wines

  • Red wines usually need to aerate more than other wines. For this reason, a proper red wine glass is often bigger than other glasses, with a wide mouth to let air in.
  • Red wine glasses also have a fuller bowl and large opening so you can easily smell the wine and detect what is in it.
  • Within the class of red wine glasses there are several types of glasses intended for specific wines. Some of the most popular types of red wine glasses are Bordeaux glasses, which are taller, but thinner than other red glasses.
  • Bordeaux glasses allow wine to flow to the back of the palette more easily and are intended for full-flavoured, complex red wines.
  • The Burgundy wine glass is made for the least complex reds. A wider and shorter glass, this wine glass allows drinkers to get a larger sip.
  • Wine in Burgundy glasses can be tasted on all parts of the tongue to better detect a more subtle wine’s various flavours.

White wines

  • White wine glasses are traditionally smaller than red wine glasses. The bowl of white glasses is more of a perfect curve or U-shape, designed to keep wine cool in the glass.
  • For more complex whites like Sauvignon Blanc, glasses are taller and thinner, allowing wine to easily reach the throat and back of the palette.
  • More simple whites, like Pinot Grigio, are best in glasses with a large opening and smaller bowl to ensure the wine reaches the tip of the tongue for smaller, more deliberate sipping.

Sparkling wines

  • Sparkling wines, like champagnes, are commonly enjoyed in flutes. These tall, skinny glasses allow the drink to retain carbonation once it is out of the bottle.
  • Flutes also help the wine reach the back of the palette to ensure drinkers can experience the complex taste of the wine and carbonation at once.
  • Nearly all sparkling wines are served in flutes, with the exception of vintage wines, which are often served in wide-mouth, but shallow glasses that help aerate the aged wine.

Don’t spoil a perfectly good wine by making the wrong wine glass choice. Instead, wow guests, friends, and enjoy wine to its fullest yourself by pairing your wine with the right glass.

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