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Do you need to simplify your skin care routine?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for thoroughness when it comes to caring for your complexion – but if you have more cleansers, masks and moisturisers than you know what to do with, you could have a problem.

An elaborate routine doesn’t necessarily spell a better routine – in fact, your 30-step regimen could actually be harming your skin. Yep, sometimes less really is more.

Read on to determine whether you need to rein in your routine for a more simple skin care system, asap…

1. Your skin care product collection is out of control

Your vanity is covered with sachets, samples, pots and potions… and you don’t even register half of them are there (seriously, there’s a moisturiser lurking in there that went off in 2007). You don’t dare open the cupboard below the sink – it’s an avalanche waiting to happen. Do yourself a favour and consider some space-saving two-in-one products such as Botáni Exfoliating 2 in 1 Scrub & Mask (or alternatively make use of these clever storage hacks).

2. You’re having a reaction (and you have no idea what’s causing it)

Whether it’s a raging rash or a mysterious dry patch, having a reaction to a skin care product is never pleasant – and when you’re using 40 different lotions and potions at once, you’re unlikely to be able to isolate which one’s doing the damage. If your skin’s sensitive, use fewer products so you can determine which, if any, are contributing to the problem.

3. Your skin’s getting WORSE in spite of all the products you’re using

If your skin’s getting worse (redder, drier, duller) in spite of everything you’re using, it could be crying out for a simpler routine. The fact is, some of those more invasive skin care steps can cause more pesky skin problems than the ones you’re working overtime to solve. Go easy on the exfoliant for a few days – you might be surprised by the result.

4. You never use your products up

Unless you’re going way overboard with your product portions, chances are you’ll never come close to using up all those products. Admit it: you’re so obsessed with finding your #HolyGrail spot treatment/scrub/snail slime serum that you’re never satisfied enough with any of them to actually finish the pot or tube. Not only is this a waste of your hard-earned $$$, it’s also a waste of product. Period.

5. You’re always running late because your skin care routine takes FOREVER

Even if all you’re doing is grabbing a quick coffee with your bestie, you can’t leave the house without applying at least a dozen different skin care saviours. This means you’re often running late… and just FYI, the fact that your new favourite 7th Heaven Strawberry Souffle Masque takes 20 minutes is NOT an excuse. We’re all for a prolonged pamper sesh every now and then, but save it for when your skin really needs it!

6. You’re a sucker for the latest active ingredient or product trend

Hundreds of new skin care products are launched every day across the globe, and they all promise to give you a flawless complexion. But while it’s fun to #treatyoself to a promising new product every now and then, be mindful you might not see the desired results every time, (which is why we all have different Holy Grail products!). Oh, and try not to go all starry-eyed when a celeb credits a new cream for her youthful skin – while I’m sure the concoction has contributed to her gorgeous glow, chances are she’s also got great genetics.

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