6 reasons you should switch to a front-load washing machine

Many are switching from traditional top-load washing machines to front-load washing machines. Should you do the same?

Today’s savvy consumer has more energy-efficient options than ever before when it comes to washing machines. This includes front-load washers, which have many benefits. Here are a few reasons why you should make the switch.

The benefits of front-load washing machines

While they may cost a little more than a traditional washing machine, there are definitely benefits to switching to a front-load washing machine:

Higher energy efficiency

Front-load washing machines will help you save money on your bills because they’re energy efficient. It has been estimated that Energy Star-qualified sets can save you anywhere from $45 to $125 per year on average. An Energy Star rating means that, on average, they use 11 per cent less energy than traditional models. Because they tend to spin faster, they can reduce moisture more efficiently.

Less water consumption

In addition to using less energy, front-load washing machines also use less water than traditional models. While a traditional washing machine uses anywhere from 40 to 50 gallons of water per load, a front-load washing machine uses anywhere between 10 and 25 gallons of water (this will vary from model to model). When you add that up over the course of a year, you get a better picture of why environmentally-conscious people are switching to front-load washing machines.

No need for harsh chemicals

Front-load washing machines eliminate the need to add bleach or other harsh chemicals to get your clothes clean. High-efficiency laundry detergents use a higher concentrated formula so your clothes are rinsed better. Additionally, a front-load washing machine is capable of reaching hotter water temperatures to get your clothes cleaner.

Space savers for more storage

Front-load washing machines and dryers typically take up less space than their traditional counterparts. You can even stack them on top of each other for added space-saving.

A sleek, modern look

A front-load washing machine can update your home with a sleek, modern look and feel.

Less wear-and-tear on your clothes

When you think about a traditional washing machine, the image of the agitator in the middle instantly comes to mind. Because a front-load washing machine doesn’t need the agitator to continually twist and turn your clothes, washing your clothes in a front-load washing machine results in less wear-and-tear on your garments.

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