5 winter comfort foods you can’t miss

5 winter comfort foods you can’t miss
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Winter is the time when the holidays come calling and winter storms rain down, bringing with them freezing temperatures and colds galore. The only redeeming quality of winter, besides Christmas and time with family, is the fact that there are winter comfort foods to keep you warm on a snowy day. If you want to take the chill off, prepare these five comfort foods that will help you kiss your winter blues goodbye and warm up when it’s cold outside.

1. Shepherd’s pie

One of the best ways to ward off the chill of winter is by having a hot oven full of a hearty dish. Shepherd’s pie has long been a family favourite during the winter, especially if you make it with hamburger, sweet peas and just a touch of horseradish to give it that extra oomph.

2. Chicken soup

While any type of homemade soup will do this winter, there is something about chicken soup that drives the cold right out of your bones. There are so many different variations of homemade chicken soup that you could make it every day of the week and never try the same variety of this soup twice.

3. Homemade chili

There is nothing that spells comfort in the winter like homemade chili. You can make it with beans or without and serve with crackers for a fine winter meal. Chili is even delicious served on top of a piping-hot hot dog. There something about using the combination of a mug of homemade chili and a hot dog that helps to pass a long winter evening.

4. Country chicken and dumplings

The smell of a pot of chicken and dumplings simmering on the back of the stove on a cold winter’s day will bring back memories for many people. Memories of your grandma’s kitchen after school and the stories she would share may leap to your mind when you set the pot to simmer.

5. Chocolate chip cookies

No comfort food list would be complete without the addition of chocolate chip cookies. There is nothing like a gooey cookie straight from the oven to drive the chill away when you have been outside playing in the snow all day.

The foods mentioned above are just a few of the foods that can give you comfort during the long winter months ahead. From gooey chocolate chip cookies to savoury chicken and dumplings, your tummy will be warm and full with these winter treats.

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