5 tricks to organize your closet

5 tricks to organize your closet

Free up space and keep clothes looking sharp with these tips for organizing your closet.

Eliminate creases with bubble wrap

How many times have you pulled on a pair of slacks only to take them off because unsightly coat hanger creases make them unwearable? There’s a fix! Wrap the hanger bar in a layer of bubble wrap with the smooth side facing out (secure the wrap with duct tape). Other coverings that work just as well are strips of quilt batting or soft foam sheets used as filler in packing boxes.

5 tricks to organize your closet
5 tricks to organize your closet

Hang spaghetti straps securely

If your spaghetti strap tops and dresses are forever slipping off wire hangers, you’ve got lots of company. The easiest way to secure them is simply to clip both straps to the hanger with clothespins.

Stay-put scarves

A neat way to store scarves so that each is within easy reach is to attach a few shower curtain rings to a coat hanger’s bottom bar, thread a scarf though each one, and then hang them on the closet rod — much easier than rummaging through a pile of scarves in your drawer to find the one you want.

Cedar scent

Cedar blocks can be used as an alternative to strong-smelling camphor to keep moths from setting up shop in your clothes. If your cedar has lost its woodsy fragrance, don’t spend money to replace it. Use sandpaper or an emery board to rough up the wood and release the scent. Moths also shy away from the scent of dried bay leaves, dried lavender, dried orange peel, cloves and whole peppercorns. The feet of old panty hose make inconspicuous sachets for your closet or drawer.

Double your hanging space

No need to redesign your closet or buy fancy hangers to increase your hanging space. Instead, slip a sturdy shower curtain ring over the necks of your hangers and hook a second hanger onto them. Presto! A hanger that takes twice the clothes.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the results when you try these five easy tricks to organize your closet and increase its space and functionability.

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