5 tips to make the most of a long distance motorcycle trip

5 tips to make the most of a long distance motorcycle trip

Those unfamiliar with motorcycles are unaware of the breathtaking freedom that comes along with heading down the open road on a hog. Long-distance motorcycle trips are a liberating experience. Even the greatest of these trips, though, can be made better. These five tips are an easy way to make any long-distance motorcycle trip the adventure of a lifetime.

1. Bring cash

  • It is important to bring along cash when venturing out on the open road.
  • Yes, most businesses do accept credit or debit cards, but if you get lucky enough to end up somewhere so off the grid that they don’t have card readers, you might be stuck there without cash.
  • Similarly, any business could experience technical difficulties and have card readers that are temporarily out of service.
  • Having cash is even beneficial because some shops require a minimum purchase to use a card.

2. Avoid chain restaurants

  • Walk into a pizza chain store on one side of Canada and then head into another on the opposite end of the country. Now, what was the difference? Probably, none.
  • Local pubs and mom-and-pop diners are where you get a real feel for an area.
  • These places have character, and you’re more likely to make friends with locals and the employees at the establishment.
  • This can get you far more information about the local area and the awesome sights that simply cannot be missed before you leave.

3. Stop everywhere

  • Unless you’re on some type of tight time schedule, go ahead and stop at every site that’s even remotely interesting.
  • Sure, you could only make time for the big spots along the way, but once you’re through with all of those, you’ll likely regret missing the smaller beauties for which others rarely make time.
  • Think of the stories you can tell!
  • Don’t hinder this freedom ride with time constraints.

4. Equip your motorcycle for luggage

  • Unless you think that a liberating adventure can be had over the course of a day, it’s always best to have luggage racks or something similar installed on your bike before heading out for a long trip.
  • Backpacks simply won’t do for a ride like this.
  • Not only will they restrict the number of things that you can bring along, but they’re also likely to hurt your shoulders, annoy you by flapping in the wind and even damage your posture over the long haul.

5. Find hotels with close amenities

  • Regardless of how amazing hitting the open road feels, your bum won’t feel nearly as amazing after sitting on your motorcycle for hours on end.
  • At this point, you don’t really want to have to hop back on your hog for a short ride to the restaurant or gas station. Find a hotel that’s close to these important amenities. You’ll definitely thank yourself for it later.
  • Most of all, plan to enjoy your time on the road. By planning well in advance, and taking these simple tips to heart, you can be certain than every trip will become an adventure to remember, for all the right reasons.

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