5 popular products to get the best laundry results

5 popular products to get the best laundry results

Detergents and laundry products have been used for generations. Here are some that have risen to the top of the popularity list and why.

5 popular products to get the best laundry results
5 popular products to get the best laundry results

1. Granular detergents

Granular detergents are the most popular laundry product. Here’s why:

  • They work best on clothing soiled with mud and clay.
  • A granular detergent also works better than liquid detergent in hard water.
  • They are more effective at minimizing rust stains.

2. Liquid detergents

Liquid detergents have become popular in recent years for a few reasons:

  • They save energy. Liquids dissolve easily in cold water, making them the best choice when you want to cut down on the amount of energy-sapping hot and warm water washes.
  • They clean oil and grease stains better than granular detergents.
  • They are easier to use for pre-treating heavily soiled fabrics.

3. Allergy-sensitive detergents

Allergy-sensitive detergents are now being offered by manufacturers in both granular and liquid forms for the increasing number of people sensitive to certain chemicals, dyes or perfumes in detergents. Look for label names that include the words “free” or “clear.”

4. Pre-treatment products

Pre-treatment products, available as aerosol sprays, pump sprays and rub-on sticks, are laundry aids that can be used to pre-treat heavily soiled clothing before washing. They are best for oil-based stains on clothes made of polyester materials.

5. Fabric softener

Fabric softener is designed to reduce static cling and minimize wrinkling. By providing a lubricating film, a fabric softener helps clothes feel softer, discourages lint and adds scent.

These have become the most popular products found in the common household laundry rooms and can help you get the most out of your wash.

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