5 Best Water Bottles for Kids

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5 Best Water Bottles for Kids
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Around three-quarters of our body is made up of water. Every cell inside our body is dependent on this very important element. This is especially true for kids as they are more vulnerable to health problems brought about by water-borne diseases. To help protect your kids against this threat, it is imperative that you buy for them any of our 10 truly amazing water bottles for kids. And below we will analyze the 5 Best Water Bottles for Kids available today for you to choose from:

1/ Eddy Kids 0.4L Water Bottle by CamelBak

Whether it is going to school or even going on an adventure in the park or the beach, we’re pretty sure your kids will love the Eddy Kids 0.4L Water Bottle with its superb combination of stylish and fun design, spill and leak protection, and useful overall features. Designed in a variety of graphics featuring colorful characters and images that children will love, the Eddy Kids is a sure hit when it comes to kiddie hydration. You can be sure that no matter where your kid will go, he or she will have adequate hydration to last the day. Plus, it’s never a shame to attach it to the strap of your child’s backpack through its fully integrated and ergonomically designed handle. But what is really fantastic about the Eddy Kids water bottle is its superior leak and spill protection using its patented Big Bite valve technology. The crossover spout and straw actually has a fabulous valve mechanism that will only allow the outflow of liquid H2O if your child is able to bite onto the straw-spout. The Big Bite valve design helps ensure that the liquid H2O stays inside the BPS- and BPA- free durable container. Available in 14 various designs, the Eddy Kids is perfect for 3- to 8- year old children.

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2/ 12 Oz Hydration Bottle by Thermos

This kids water bottle come with the same patented technology that has become synonymous with Thermos. The canister of the Hydration is made of impact-resistant and eco-friendly Eastman Tritancopolyester that also effectively diminishes any worries about BPA and other chemicals possibly leaching into the liquid. It’s got an easy flip straw to allow for more hygienic drinking. The design of the flip straw and the lid allow for excellent spill-proofing as well as leak resistance. However, Thermos don’t recommend filling the Hydration with carbonated beverages as the cavitation can lead to pressure buildup, causing a leak. Nonetheless, with so many designs to choose from, we’re sure you’ll have something for your kid.

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3/ Frozen Funtainer 12 Oz Bottle by Thermos

For the fans of Frozen as well as other animated and movie characters, the Funtainer 12 Oz Bottle should really be a fantastic option for a kids water bottle. With an amazing vacuum insulation technology that is guaranteed to keep your kids’ drinks refreshingly cool for up to 12 hours, the Funtainer is the perfect hydration companion for today’s very active children. Just remember that while the Funtainer has an excellent thermal retention property, you should not put hot liquids in it. Part of its superb thermal retention abilities is its stainless steel construction both in and out. Vacuum separates the interior and exterior surfaces of the Funtainer to give it excellent retention of the temperature of the drink inside. Drinking from the Funtainer is also made ridiculously fun with a push button mechanism that instantly pops out the straw so your child can have ready access to his or her drinks. It’s hygienic, too. And with quite a handful of designs to choose from, this is one water bottle that kids will really be proud to drink from.

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4/ Kids Autospout Gizmo 14 Oz Water Bottle by Contigo

The design itself is quite unusual because most kiddie bottles we’ve seen on the market have a non-transparent lid, which includes all the different mechanisms that might be in the design. While most beverage cartridges have opaque covers, Kids Autospout Gizmo features transparency. This really helps stimulate children’s curiosity so that they will have an understanding of how these devices work specifically. Under the lid is an overflow and overflow valve. It will be interesting to see how your child is trying to analyze and understand how these ingredients work to prevent spills and leaks. However, Autospout is a great water bottle perfect for kids complete with a fused handgrip that can be safely in your children’s backpack or even hang on a carabiner strap mounted on the belt. Myself. This will provide the flexibility that kids need today especially those who like their great outdoors adventures. The nozzle is wide connected to a transparent straw tube to make drinking a lot easier. The Kids Autospout Gizmo is made from high quality BPA material and therefore you will not have to worry about harming your child’s drinking.

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5/ Autospout Kids Striker 14 Oz Water Bottle by Contigo

Autoscout Kids Striker 14 The Contigo Oz Water Bottle technically has the same basic design as the Gizmo except for the body and the bezel are not transparent. Basically it has the same autospout technology that prevents spills and leaks even when the tap is fully open. It comes with a one-touch button that allows your child to drink immediately with one hand. The integrated handle has grooves to fit your little fingers so it will easily carry it. Most consumers prefer the striker’s style on the gizmo although both really provide great drinking experience for kids.

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