5 attitude changes you may need to lose weight

5 attitude changes you may need to lose weight

With the right outlook, losing weight is much, much easier. These attitude adjustments may be the first step you need for a more successful weight loss program.

1. Less is more

  • For weight loss, what you eat may matter less than how much of it you eat.
  • Some foods just can’t be replaced. Instead of giving them up, eat less of them.
  • If you love bacon, eat two strips instead of three.
  • If you enjoy a milkshake with lunch, request an extra glass and share.

2. My doctor can help

  • Beyond saving money and sparing you potential side effects, cutting back on medication may actually help you lose weight.
  • If you’re currently on medication to bring your blood sugar down, you can probably adjust your dose once you start losing weight.
  • Be sure to make that decision with your doctor.
  • As you proceed with the plan, monitor your blood sugar regularly and keep your doctor abreast of any changes.
  • Losing weight and getting more exercise will cause your blood sugar to drop. If you don’t lower your dose of medication, your glucose levels may drop so low that you’ll be tempted to overeat.

3. Exercise will make me feel better, eventually

  • Moderate exercise isn’t likely to cause blood sugar to crash. But starting out may cause you to feel “shaky” or “weird” after a bout of activity.
  • These effects can be easily overcome by eating a small amount of sugar. Try a sugary food, a half-cup of a regular soft drink or a glucose tab specially made for this purpose.
  • There’s a natural tendency to take this “permission” to eat a little too far. That won’t do your weight-loss efforts any good.

4. Stay positive and persistent

  • Trying to lose weight now probably means that you’ve tried it before.
  • Studies find that the attitudes and psychological baggage you carry from previous attempts can affect how well you do today — but only if you let them.

5. My attitude is everything

Do you have the right attitudes to succeed? Look at this checklist and take note of the statements with which you agree.

  • The best way to lose weight is slowly and gradually, not all at once.
  • Achieving a weight loss of 10 percent is a major accomplishment. It’ll have a significant impact on my health.
  • I’m willing to make small adjustments in my dietary habits as long as I can eat foods I like.
  • I’m certain there are ways I can work more physical activity into my life without too much trouble.
  • Two steps forward and one step back is still progress.
  • I don’t want to be on a diet. I want to permanently change the way I eat.
  • Diets haven’t worked for me, but it’s still possible for me to lose weight.

Losing weight can often come down to your outlook. Seeking out help, staying positive and adjusting your attitude is a necessary first step for any weight loss program.

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