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Back in 2011, women over the age of 50 bought more lipsticks than any other age group.

By 2015 however, the rate of older women purchasing lipsticks dropped substantially, while those under the age of 25 can’t seem to get enough.

And while these stats could be interpreted to mean anything, we couldn’t bear the prospect of women over 50 avoiding lipstick because they’re unsure of how to wear it. So we asked experts Janet Muggivan (Founder of Beauty Dossier) and makeup artist Liz Kelsh to reveal their top lipstick tips, especially for older ladies.

Tip 1: Everyday care

As you age, your lips can lose fullness and form a thinner appearance. To keep them in good condition, Janet recommends using a hydrating lip balm liberally. “[This] is the very first step to a fuller more youthful mouth.”

Try keeping one of these lip balms in your bag at all times and apply throughout the day as needed:

Liz adds that exfoliating the lips every now and then can help give them a more youthful, smoother appearance. And if you suffer from pesky cold sores, keep ViraproX Lip Balm and COMPEED® Invisible Cold Sore Patches in your arsenal.

Tip 2: Colour choice

If you want to wear purple, green or even blue shades – we’re all for it. But when it comes to making mature lips look fuller, shade selection is very important. Janet recommends neutrals: “Neutrals for mature women are different to neutrals for our younger counterparts. A ‘nude’ for a young woman is usually light, and quite beige in tone. Mature ‘nudes’ are soft, muted roses or corals. They give a natural flush to the lips which is universally flattering. The beige tones on mature lips are very unforgiving and they can also make teeth look yellow.”

Liz agrees with opting for nudes, and suggests how to nail the perfect shade. “A more flattering nude is ideally one or two shades darker than your natural lip colour,” she says.

Tip 3: Find your finish

Matte lipsticks have grown in popularity of late (thank you Kylie Jenner Lip Kits), but both Janet and Liz think a cream finish is best on mature lips. “If you currently wear a frost, next time you are in [a] store, try the same colour but in a cream formulation and you will see it gives a really soft, flattering look. Frosts can also make your lips appear dry,” explains Janet.

“A gloss finish can also bring more radiance to your overall look,” says Liz. So it’s a good thing glosses are making a comeback…

Tip 4: Try this trick…

We’re not talking about dramatically overlining your lips – that can be tough to pull off at any age. Instead, Janet says, “An incredible tip I learned from Halle Berry’s makeup artist on a shoot in LA was to apply the teeniest, tiniest amount of an eye primer around the lip line. Not on the lips, only around the lips. This smooths lines and acts as a barrier to stop lipstick feathering into those pesky lines we all have. It really works!”

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