4 good ideas for outdoor baby showers

4 good ideas for outdoor baby showers
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If you want to invite guests to celebrate the arrival of a new baby, one great way to do it is to throw a festive get-together outside. Being outside is not only a great way to celebrate spring and summer weather, but it also gives you a great opportunity to enjoy games and activities perfect for a baby shower.

1. Play games in the garden

+ Take advantage of the outdoor setting at your shower to play some fun baby-related shower games.

+ One great example of a game to play is a baby stroller race.

+ Separate friends into two teams then have them line up at opposite sides of the yard.

+ Put an egg in each of two baby strollers, then have them race the stroller from one line to the other.

+ The winning team will switch all their players to the other side of the yard first, without breaking the egg.

2. Use a “You Are My Sunshine” theme

+ One of the most popular folk songs for children is “You are My Sunshine,” so use this song as a theme for your outdoor party.

+ Decorate the party with bright yellow color sunshine decor, place sunflowers in vases, and use little umbrellas in drinks to get guests in a warm-weather mood.

+ You can also give party guests related party favours, like small mason jars filled with sunflower seeds that say “You are my sunshine!” on them in paint pen.

3. Serve light finger food

+ Rather than serve a full, several-course meal for guests, opt for light, chilled finger foods.

+ When guests are outside, it can be uncomfortable to eat a full meal with proper tables and seating, so consider serving options like fresh fruit, chilled gazpacho or a lightly dressed salad, that can be eaten standing up or sitting down.

+ Desserts are also an easy, hand-held food option for an outdoor party.

4. Baby bouquets

+ Use an outdoor baby shower as an excuse to gather much baby supplies.

+ Purchase or pick bouquets of fresh white carnations for the centrer of serving or dining tables, then fill in the bouquets using baby accessories like bottles, diapers, rubber duckies, pacifiers and more.

+ These baby-themed decor elements will not only be cute, they will also be convenient to use with the baby once he or she is born.

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