3 unforgettable baby shower favours

3 unforgettable baby shower favours

You’ve worked hard to throw a wonderful baby shower for your best friend, sister or cousin, but have you decided which party favours to give your guests yet? Party favours are a time-honoured tradition at baby showers because they provide a memento of the occasion. On the big day, wow your guests with these three creative party favour ideas.

Make this favour: Mason jar tea kits

The humble Mason or Ball jar, traditionally used for canning, has gained popularity in recent years as a rustic receptacle for all kinds of party favours and gifts. Create your own take on this timeless trend by turning small Mason jars into vessels for adorable teatime kits. Creating these favours is easy: Take a clear or coloured Mason jar and fill it with tea bags, sticks of cinnamon and small packets of cookies, almonds or candy. Fill the unused space with tissue paper or cellophane, seal the jar and wrap it with twine or ribbon. The favours will charm your guests and serve as lovely table decorations.

Buy this favour: fun with food

Food has long been the perfect party favour. Keep the party going by packaging delicious foods in noteworthy packaging to charm your guests. A visit to your local party store should spark your imagination. Use fancy cellophane envelopes to package biscuits or slices of cake. Consider semi-translucent boxes for candy, trail mix or chips. You can even push the envelope with boxes designed to hold a single slice of cake or pie. Your guests will praise your ingenuity as they indulge in the sweet treats at home.

Create this favour: modern beauty

It’s tempting to create shower favours that are baby-themed, but these favours are ultimately useless to guests. Resist the urge to go overboard and add a modern flair to your party favours. Instead of giving away pacifiers or baby bottles, invest in personalized stickers and bottles of nail polish in this season’s hottest colours. Add the sticker to the bottle and garnish with a ribbon or tuck it in a cute bag. Voilà — baby shower favour that your guests will actually use and one that feels fresh, modern and current.

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