3 key skate blade sharpening steps

3 key skate blade sharpening steps

Sharpening your skates is a necessary part of playing hockey. But it’s a process with a few steps, that need to be done in a certain order.

You can’t play hockey without sharp skates. Well, you can play, but you won’t be a very effective player. That’s why it’s important to always ensure that your skate blades are sharp enough for you to do your job on the ice.

Here are the steps involved in skate blade sharpening:

1. Remove the rust from your skates’ blades

There’s no point in spending time going to a sports store to get your skates sharpened if they have rust on them. This is because sharpening skates properly requires a smooth surface to start from, and rust makes for an uneven surface. But don’t worry, rust can be easily removed from skate blades if you know how to do it.

Removing rust can be done with a scouring pad and some oil, such as oil for a sewing machine. Simply coat the blade lightly with oil, then scour away the rust with the pad. When you are finished, take a soft cloth and wipe it along your blades to remove the loosened rust. Now you’re ready for your skate sharpening.

2. Use a handheld whetstone to remove any nicks

We already established that you need a smooth surface to sharpen skates, and that’s why we need to get rid of the rust. This can be done at home with a whetstone. Simply run it up and down each side of the blades until the blade feels smooth and free of nicks. Experienced skaters know that even the tiniest nick on your blade can be incredibly annoying on the ice. So best to get rid of them, even if your skates don’t need to be sharpened right away.

3. Get your skates sharpened at a sports store

Yes, you can buy the tools to do this at home. But let’s be realistic — it’s worth it to get your skates professionally sharpened. They have the professional tools and expertise to sharpen skates, and it will only cost you about $5. Plus, many places even have loyalty programs where you get a free sharpening after paying for several in a row. So simply go to a local sports store that offers skate sharpening or a pro shop at an arena. You will be glad you did.

If you follow these three skate blade sharpening tips, you can help ensure that your skates are kept in good condition and are evenly sharp.

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