3 fool-proof resume tips for students eager to work

3 fool-proof resume tips for students eager to work

Writing a resume as a student can be tricky. With these tips, you’ll be ready to write an impressive student resume so you can get your first job.

3 fool-proof resume tips for students eager to work
3 fool-proof resume tips for students eager to work

Whether you’re fresh out of school or still working towards your degree, you may be professionally “green”. That’s okay! If you’re inexperienced, it’s best to focus your resume more on your skills than your work experience. Some examples of skills include your work ethic, time management skills, leadership skills, multitasking abilities and responsibility. Instead of just listing each of these, write a whole sentence that best explains both your skill and the benefit of it.

1. Don’t minimize experience

When it comes to work experience, if you have never held a part-time job, this is a good time to indicate any volunteer work you’ve done, however small. Flesh it out and make it sound impressive by explaining your responsibilities at that job and how you used your skills to help benefit the organization.

Even babysitting is something you can put on your resume. It can showcase how reliable and dependable you are, and how you are able to stay organized and handle a task with a great deal of responsibility.

2. Think outside the work box

If you don’t have any work experience whatsoever, there are still ways you can write a resume to display your skills. Think about any tasks or projects you’ve spearheaded and lead to success. Was there a team project you lead that got a great mark? Did you plan the whole itinerary of a trip by yourself?

3. Be confident

Remember, everybody starts somewhere, and everyone has been in a position where they didn’t have work experience yet. Most employers will understand this. Plus, many part-time retail positions don’t require prior work experience, though some do prefer it. If you really feel like you’re lacking in work experience, volunteering is a great way to not only help your community, but gain valuable work experience—plus make contacts that you can use as references later.

With these tips you’re ready to write your first student resume and seek out your first job. Good luck!

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