10 ways a relaxing yoga routine will help you ditch depression

10 ways a relaxing yoga routine will help you ditch depression

As anxiety and depression are closely connected, extended periods of stress can trigger depression. Yoga can help you out. Here’s how.

As anxiety and depression are closely connected, extended periods of stress can trigger depression. In fact, yoga is known to calm the body and mind in such ways that it reduces panic attacks, obsessive behaviour, stress, depression and even phobias. Here are 10 ways in which yoga can help you to maintain your good mental health:

1. Reveals your inner strength

Yoga connects you to the inner strength you probably didn’t know you possess. When practiced daily, it brings the body and the mind close together, forcing them to work as a team against the fears, worries and frustrations of everyday life.

2. Improves your breathing

When practicing yoga regularly, you will notice significant improvement in your breathing. Yoga’s solid focus on breathing relaxes the body and mind and allows you to concentrate on the things that really matter, forgetting about all that you can’t control or change.

3. Promotes good sleep

If you have problems sleeping, yoga may be the answer for you. Helping you to unwind and forget about the challenges of your daily life, yoga can help you establish a healthy sleeping routine, without nightmares or negative thoughts.

4. Unblocks energy

Yoga energizes you by unblocking energy from your spine. It awakens your nervous and circulatory system and breathes life into your body, stimulating the blood flow and helping you fight feelings of fatigue.

5. Teaches awareness

Yoga helps you become more aware of your body so you know where to look when it’s asking for attention. You learn how to respond to your body’s cues and care for yourself in an effective manner. Self-awareness also helps you develop better, deeper, healthier and longer-lasting relationships, as it allows you to productively connect with your surroundings.

6. Calms you down

A fundamental part of every yoga session has to do with meditation. During this time, you will practice stillness, quietness and letting go. This is when your body forgets about itself and your mind rejects its troubles. It’s a moment of self-healing, calming down and just being.

7. Teaches you to face negativity

Yoga allows you to relax and let go of your everyday difficulties. Running from problems doesn’t help. Facing them with an energized body and a clear head works wonders when dealing with negativity.

8. Boosts your confidence

Every yoga session makes you stronger, both physically and emotionally. You learn how to deal with fearful feelings, cope with negative emotions and handle stress when it comes knocking on your door. These skills allow you to grow more confident and sure of yourself, which feels and also looks good.

9. Saves you from vices

People tend to overeat, drink, shop excessively or work too much in order to forget about their worries and escape their feelings of depression. Yoga and meditation teach you how to accept such emotions and wait while they pass. Instead of denying the sadness, yoga promotes acceptance, stillness and self-discipline.

10. Reconnects you with your surroundings

Depression is allowed to grow stronger by feelings of disconnection and loneliness. Yoga, however, helps you look at yourself relatively to your environment and the people around you. It gives you the chance to become one with the universe and experience yourself as part of something bigger.

Yoga strengthens your body and mind; relaxes you and promotes a healthy lifestyle. It makes you less fearful of life and boosts your confidence, while energizing you and restoring balance and peace.

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