10 Tips on Bikes and Using a Divining Rod

10 Tips on Bikes and Using a Divining Rod

A bike ride goes hand-in-hand with the age-old art of divining so why not combine the two in your next outing? These easy care tips will help.

3 things to know about a divining rod

  • First, get hold of a Y-shaped stick preferably of willow, known as a “water witch”, or purchase L-shaped dowsing rods from specialist suppliers.
  • If you are using a stick, hold it pointed-end down, palms face up and thumbs pointing outwards. Walk over the area you have selected. If the stick moves downwards, there may be water beneath the surface.
  • If you are using rods, hold them lightly one in each hand with the top wire pointing slightly downwards. If the rods start swinging apart or cross each other, you may have hit on water.

Easy Adjustment of Bike Gears

If, like most bikes, your bike has an indexed derailleur gears that shift the chain to the next sprocket as you change gear, you could find it gets out of sync. This results in failing to engage the gear correctly. Usually, this is caused by a maladjusted cable, which you can fix at the side of the road. Tighten or slacken the cable by using the barrel adjuster where the cable enters the rear derailleur. These tips may help

  • If the derailleur isn’t moving the chain far enough to engage the sprocket, turn counter-clockwise.
  • If it’s overshooting, turn the adjuster clockwise.
  • Test the gears after each adjustment and keep tweaking until they change smoothly.
  • If adjustments don’t help, you could have bent the derailleur and may need to visit the bike shop.

How to get super tight handle bars

If your handlebars are loose, you need to tighten the top bearing in the headset. If your bike has an A-head system, you do this by adjusting the top cap (sometimes under a dust cover) with an Allen key.

  • Loosen the stem bolts and tighten the top cap until the slackness has gone. Retighten the stem bolts. On older bicycles and some children’s bikes, you’ll need sturdy wrenches to make the adjustment.
  • Slacken the headset locknut a little, then tighten the upper bearing cup until you feel no looseness in the handlebars.
  • Retighten the locknut and hold it securely with a wrench. Using a second wrench, unscrew the bearing cup until it’s nice and tight against the locknut.

Simple tips about Bikes and Divining Rods

Pack your divining rod, put it on your bike and do off into the country. With these tips, you’re covered.

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